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Etiquette Rules For Remote Team Meetings

January 12, 2018

The advanced technology allows companies to make the most of the remotely located teams. Remote team meetings are different from the regular meetings so both newcomers and experienced people should learn some etiquette tips while planning and conducting a virtual meeting. With following lessons, you can increase the efficiency of the remote sessions.

Set expectations

Setting expectations include a few important aspects. The first factor is about setting the goals for the virtual team and your collaboration towards the accomplishment you want. Another major aspect is defining the responsibilities of each member. And the last one is about knowing the team’s effective methods that will lead to the result. It may include three things such as consensus (everyone in the team is supporting the decision, and one cannot oppose the decision), unanimous (each team member has to be agreed) and the last form is where management and the leader decide and team members have no power to make decisions.

Make sure you’re a skilled facilitator

In a regular meeting, one can change a situation by guessing about team members’ body language and the way they participate. But, in a remote meeting, your abilities and skills need to be at a higher level. You should be skilled in following areas:

Communication skills

Focus on your communication skills while interacting with a virtual team on another side. Good communication is not just about keeping your point of view and expressing your thoughts, but it is also about the way you listen to the other person’s points. So listen well and talk well.

Guidance and Facilitation

You also need to be expert in giving accurate, constructive and efficient feedback by maintaining the confidentiality and offering proper ideas.

Cultural sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is a major leadership skill that is required to manage the steadily growing multicultural, international teams. This particular ability ensures that a language either in written form or spoken form is diligent presents its meaning in a clear way. Here are a few tips for the same:

  • Do not use acronyms, idioms, and jargon
  • Speak in a clear and soft manner
  • Avoid using slang expressions as they may confuse a non-native English speaker
  • You should be very careful while using analogies

A virtual team can easily engage each team member to offer a wide range of learning opportunities. It can also guide a person to be a great leader in developing collaborative solutions for the success of a firm. The interaction and communication among team members are based on their etiquette. So if you want to have the great result, you must be good in this aspect.