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Get ready to face the HR interview round

January 12, 2018

When you face the HR round, it means you are going to share your views or answers on your behaviors in different situations in life. Your answers will help the interviewer to get an idea of the way you may react to a specific situation in your job in the future. You have to be alert while answering these kinds of questions because a little fault in your response can make you lose that job. To your help, here are a few questions that you must be ready to answer.

What is your expected salary?

When the HR asks you about your salary expectation, you should avoid mentioning the actual figure. It would be good if you ask him about the offers for a specific position in the company. If you wish to name a certain amount, you should select a salary range. It will provide a probability of negotiation, based on the market value in the city and industry. Of course, your salary range should be the amount that would make you contented and happy.

You should be like, “I was looking for a job like this, so I am open to a competitive offer.”

Reason behind the career gap in your resume

The HR person reviews your resume very precisely and takes a note on your career gap, and it gives them a sign that a particular job has not worked well for you. You need to clarify the reason for the same otherwise, the HR tends to assume that you left the job for a wrong reason or your company has fired you.

In case you have a different or a positive reason for the break from your job, you should describe it concisely. Try to keep your explanation crisp and clear and gradually move forward with the conversation to more positive things about you. You need to divert HR’s attention to your career track record that was good and ended well. If you had a long career break, you need to convince the HR that you were busy with upgrading your skills, doing social work and enhancing your hobby. It will represent you as an energetic and active person in front of your HR.

Your answer should be like this, “It was not a suitable job for me, and I ignored this fact and joined that particular position as it was a good offer. But I have got a lesson today and will never repeat this mistake.”

Share your experience of working with a difficult person

The HR interviewer asks this question to test your skill of handling a complicated situation or working with difficult people in the team. You should diplomatically handle this question and evade any negative signs. Tell him about the situation in a positive way and your experience of managing a professional relationship with a particular team member, client, or co-worker. Your smart answer helps the HR to see your professionalism and skill to remain calm under stress.