How Human Resource Drives an Organization
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How Human Resource Drives an Organization

April 27, 2018

Many of us think that human resource jobs are only about managing employees in a company. But it has multiple and difficult work areas. Many HR and recruitment jobs have tasks like collecting data, managing paperwork, evaluating details and showcasing the report of this detail to the upper management. You need to be expert in each of these areas to make sure the company is growing and running successfully. HR professionals must have a good knowledge of applicable regulations and administration too. They should also be expert in vision and goal of the company. Thus, many organizations prefer hiring HR experts possessing efficient knowledge in this field.

Various function areas of HR jobs:

Selection and Hiring

This work requires screening of the job applicant to make sure he has right education and experience in the same field. It includes reviewing the resume and application form and other details given by the candidate to decide and find the most suitable candidates. The general process of selection consists an aptitude test, HR round, technical interview and later a reference check. Communication and negotiation skills play the great role.

Training and Growth

Training and guidance are important aspects of each business field that requires HR to help employees keep updated with the changes in technology and trends. Thus, an individual with good writing, verbal and interpersonal skills are needed. This person should also have an efficient understanding of training fields, a strong imagination and a good knowledge of future requirements of the company.

Staff and Labor Relation

The job of HR and recruitment manager requires a candidate with a great integrity level. He or she should also have the skills of interacting with people irrespective of the qualification levels.


A candidate with a good understanding of analytics, verbal skills, writing and quantitative skills is eligible for the job. Expertise in both local and state level rules and regulations, skills to speak in plain language and knowledge of statistics would be great.

Performance Management

It’s all about checking the whole performance of the company and ensuring that its productivity and work rate are growing at an exponential rate.


The administration is about managing and distributing of latest changes and updates with the office. Their job includes describing the organization’s procedures and policies to the team members and other employees. A candidate with great interpersonal, administrative and customer engagement skills is required for this profile. In many further stages, administrative help in creating templates, forms, and other kinds of HR-related documents.

In addition, there are many other HR related tasks including record management, career management, organizational growth and succession planning where a candidate can build a good career.