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How to get ready for the internship interview

January 12, 2018

An internship job in a good company plays a significant role in building your career as it offers a headstart to your career. If you want to clear your HR round for getting an internship role, you should be ready with below questions.

Why are you willing to start your career with us?

Do not forget to research the company and its services so that you can clarify your points precisely. It will help you to answer why this company appeals to you. Your answer should give the HR an insight into your abilities that you are a perfect match for this internship role.

The answer:

Your company has always been on my top favorite list, and my marketing mentors mention that your internship program is the best in the business. We also hear that intern from the company gets a chance to practical work.

How will this internship role help you in your career?

With this question, the HR interviewer wants to know more about your aims. He tries to collect details on following areas:

  • How much you know about the internship role?
  • Are you clear and ready for the next step in your career?
  • Have you researched about the company and internship program?

Make sure you don’t sound like a self-centered person during your interview. Of course, the question is about your career goals, but you need to answer in a way that makes the HR think you are an excellent choice for the company.

Your answer:

It will be a good opportunity for me to get practical experience in this industry. By working in your firm, I will be ready to look forward to a big career goal in the future.

Your experience of making some tough academic choices

With this question, the interviewer tries to know about your thoughts, how you respond under pressure and how you make decisions. To reply this question, pick a real-life situation where you took decisions, and it gave a positive result.

Your answer:

your answer should be based on your academic profile, though you should give an insight to him about your social activities and hobbies.

What do you know about our industry?

You have to be prepared for this question to give them a better insight into their industry. They would like to see your interest and knowledge about their industry trends, challenges, and the innovative ideas.