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How To Identify A Bad HR Recruitment Consultants?

July 20, 2018

When the economy goes down and unemployment increases on a faster rate and the job aspirants require the guidance or help from these consultancies. Then a certain period arrives, when some of the HR Recruitment Consultants use some un ethical ways to conduct the recruitment process. However, there are some of the indications which aware us from these recruitment agencies using unfair means for carrying out the recruitment. Mentioned below are some of the spotting points which should be considered in mind while choosing a consultancy.

Are The Consultants Ask You To Pay Any Fee?

If the agency compels you to pay any addition fee while hiring. So, this is a warning sign and you should not go to that firm or avoid that consultancy because generally the recruitment fees are paid by the organization that hire you. It is advised not to sign any of the written document or bond with those consultancies. Even if they offer you a high salary package. Before coming in contact with them make sure they are trust worthy or not.

Is Your Consultant Knowledgeable?

Try to test the skills of the consultants and ensure that the consultant know have sound knowledge of your profile or not? If not, then why these are recruitment consultants? Recruitment is highly competitive sector and if the agencies don’t have a knowledge about the profile or role of position that means they are not doing their job properly. This indicates that the have a poor standard of recruitment and don’t conduct hiring process properly. It is important for these agencies to have a sound knowledge of the vacant position available in the firm or its job role. The manager should be aware of HR services and should possess excellent skills.

Are The Agencies Liberal With The Truth?

This may be tricky, but it is essential to find that the agency interested to let you help in providing your dream job or these are just focusing to get a lead in their business. In such a situation, contact your referrals and just ask them if they are just doing to increase the growth of their business. If they did then, try to find the consultancy that focuses on your skills and requirements. Remember not to join those agencies who say it is fine to lie during the interview.

Does The Agency Put Pressure On You Towards Certain Job Position?

The goal of nay consultancy is to find an appropriate position that meets your career aspiration as soon as possible. It is not the job of a recruitment agent to steel away the career interest. Try to convince you for any opening available out there or from which they could earn more and more commission. You should have a strong bonding with your consultant and able to talk freely about your intertest.

Is The Consultancy Keep On Asking Too Much Questions?

It is important to be aware of the consultancies, who seek too many details about your past experience, past employment and companies you approached regarding the employment. The unethical consultants will always ask you to list the number of companies you applied earlier. They will not mail your Resume again in those organizations.