Hr Consultancy

AOP consultancy offers excellent expertise and guidance for all your human resource matters. Our experts help you to handle everything from staff handbooks to checklists and methods that create a consistent and smooth experience for your team in the organization. AOP offers clients with a full HR Consultant team that works with your internal recruiting staff. Each person in your HR team is selected as per your particular requirements and has great knowledge and skills about the industry so that they can find the best candidates for your company.

HR Fundamentals

AOP helps you to create a base for a successful organization. Our understanding of legal needs and best HR practices in the industry allow your firm to be compliant with the regulations and work efficiently. We manage everything from market study to interviews, concepts to execution, from salary negotiation to job offer, knowing your requirements for role formation and HR sourcing to reference checks.

Career and performance management

In any organization, employees are the most important and valuable part, and AOP consultancy aids clients to get the best of them. We understand each employee in your team and their job positions at your company. It helps us to form a correct career path according to their individual goals and also set performance metrics to assist them to achieve their goals.

We offer services:

  • HR infrastructure for new companies
  • Review of HR consulting and staffing, their skills and division workflow
  • Employee policies
  • HR related needs like hiring, termination, and leaves
  • Layoffs and outplacement solutions
  • Investigations

AOP Consultancy offers constant HR consultancy services for companies virtually as well. We aid you to manage HR functions that include hiring, employee relations, compensation and benefits and training for staff, executives and supervisors.

Strategic Human Resources

Our HR outsourcing can lead you to tactical planning and program development. AOP experts aid you to make efficient solutions that boost your business performance and reduce risk. Our HR consultancy services are backed by a knowledgeable and experienced team that helps us to offer an extensive series of services including planning, hiring, employee relations, organization structuring and more.